Welcome to CosMind, an Award Winning Production Music Library. Fresh, colorful and exclusive music for Television Programs, Advertising Campaigns, Film & Gaming Trailers and TV promos. Find the very best in Production Music today and get inspired by CosMind’s exciting catalog!
For all creative users looking for an inspirational music source and caring about sound, spirit and the highest quality available, this is your place. We’re happy to help you finding and licensing the perfect track for your project.
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Who we are
CosMind is a dedicated provider for outstanding production music, ready to lift your audiovisual project to a new dimension. With its fresh, unique & trendy sound, created by a selected team of Award Winning composers & producers CosMind is a big favorite for audiovisual producers in film / TV / ads across the globe.
The library comprises an exciting variety of artful to commercial tracks, from ear-catching songs to classy instrumental music, from touching solo performances to cinematic orchestral scores, from irresistible modern urban, easy lifestyle, comedy, action, adventure, romantic, nature moods to a broad world music series including contemporary and traditional ethnic music. The exceptional mix of valuable production tools, powerful & charming themes and ambitious artful recordings makes CosMind unique.
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