For general inquiries and licensing in GSA please contact:
Email:   info@cosmind.de
Phone: +49 (0)8194 9009 730

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Please select your country and follow the link to your local Agent. All tracks can be downloaded instantly in all major formats from your local Agents' website.
If your country is not listed please contact us directly at info@cosmind.de.

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CosMind is a registered trademark.
CosMind Records & Publishing is a member of GEMA, GVL and VUT.

All music in the CosMind Production Music library is available for licensing and use in film, TV, radio, advertising and new media. All tracks are copyrighted material and a valid license must be obtained before the production is used, broadcasted or distributed in any form.
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CosMind | Frank Loef
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Note: All the music on our website is copyrighted material and must be licensed before use. Any unauthorized use, including but not limited to reproduction, transfer, transmission, dissemination and storage in a retrieval system is strictly prohibited.